The Gold Valley Energy business was founded in 2018 to investigate energy solutions for Gold Valley Holdings. GVE’s goals are to provide energy solutions to Gold Valley Holdings and other remote mine locations using Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), solar and batteries as sources of energy.

Gold Valley Energy seeks to displace diesel or avoid the capital cost and complexity of building a gas pipeline by using LNG as an energy source reducing energy costs by between 15%-30% and producing material environmental benefits for our customers.  Strategic relationships with solar and battery manufacturers permits the Gold Valley Group to deliver the customer’s desired energy mix.

Gold Valley Energy Pty Ltd or GVE is a private equity funded, start-up, energy business with its primary interest being LNG.  Gold Valley Energy is led by Managing Director, Mr Bruce Marriott.

Initially concentrating on the Northern Territory, GVE intends developing a micro LNG project.  Kittyhawk LNG will produce LNG as an energy source for remote energy users and in particular mine sites using several megawatts or more power.  Using efficient liquification processes and a portfolio of road and marine LNG transportation options, GVE will deliver to remote customers within 1500-1800 kilometres of Darwin by road.  Transportation via barge is also an option.

From an economic standpoint LNG can reduce remote industry energy costs by about 15% -30%. The LNG price can be fixed (and linked to CPI), depending on the customer’s needs which reduces the customer's price fluctuation risk compared to diesel.

Environmentally, clean LNG generates 20-30% lower CO2 emissions and practically no sulphide and particulate emissions.

One of GVE’s strengths is it recognises it is essential to work together with customers for whom LNG maybe totally unexplored territory. In many cases an integrated LNG /energy solution is what the client is striving for.  With sufficient knowledge of the customer's energy requirements, heat and power balance, security of supply, seasonality and other factors, GVE is able to help customers determine an optimum, integrated solution.

GVE has:

  • Expertise from small scale and large scale LNG businesses
  • Experience doing business in the NT  with an NT presence and understanding of the NT’s unique geography and business environment.
  • Links to base load Mining customers.
  • Strategic alliances with international (Chinese)  EPC contractors and LNG fabricators.
  • A strategic alliance with Lishen Batteries

Kittyhawk LNG

Kittyhawk LNG is a proposed micro LNG project which will be constructed in the Middle Arm industrial area, about 34 kilometres from Darwin and about 25 kilometres from East Arm Port.  An indicative site is shown.


About 10 Terajoules of Amadeus Gas Pipeline gas will be fed into the micro LNG Plant.  Water, carbon dioxide and other impurities are removed.  The gas is cooled to minus 161 degrees centigrade and stored in large cryogenic tanks.

The LNG is transported by triple road trains to customers that are within 1500 kilometres of Darwin; although feasibility studies for customers as far as 2000 kilometres are under way.  Each trailer/Iso-container carries about 40 cubic metres or 1 Terajoule (TJ) of gas.  1 TJ of gas contains enough energy to operate about a 3.3 MW power station for about 24 hours.


In the future transport of the LNG via barge or rail is a possibility.

At the customer’s facility, the infrastructure footprint is relatively small and simple.  A storage tank/s and vaporiser equipment is all that is required.

Once vaporised, the gas is fed into power generation equipment.  In the mine site scenario, this is likely to be a dual fuel (gas or diesel) reciprocating engine generator/s.

In the future, LNG could also power heavy vehicles in mine sites, on the roads and even cruise ships creating exciting opportunities for LNG as a transport fuel.

If you wish to express interest in LNG as a cheaper and cleaner energy source than diesel or as an alternative to constructing a pipeline, please submit your interest at or

Gas Pipelines in the NT

What is in it for the Territory?

  • Construction jobs 20-30 for 40 weeks.
  • Construction CAPEX - about AUD$25M of economic activity in NT.
  • OPEX about AUD$16M p.a. spent in NT.
  • Operations – About 30 jobs in gas plant + 12 drivers for 15+ years. Payroll Tax, GST etc revenue. Aboriginal employment opportunities.
  • Routine maintenance shutdown jobs.
  • About 2-3 Petajoules of gas sales revenue p.a.
  • 30% lower emissions per kilowatt hour using LNG vs diesel.
  • Mothballed mines may become profitable and restart, potential multiplier - each mine potentially $Ms of CAPEX, 10 to 100s of jobs.
  • Synergies/savings for NT Utilities - efficient use of gas resources

Our People

Managing Director

Bruce Marriott is an experienced process engineer and businessman with a deep knowledge of the LNG industry acquired during a successful, 30 year career in oil and gas.  With domestic and international experience with respected oil companies such as Shell, Woodside and INPEX, Bruce brings with him the skills to ensure that LNG projects can be safely and efficiently designed and operated.  He has a special passion for value engineering and enjoys working with committed people.

“We are forming an awesome team at Gold Valley Energy and I am energized by the prospects of our micro LNG concept.  While a great business in itself, our micro LNG project has the potential to bring benefits and jobs to hundreds of people in the mining and transport industry, now that’s exciting – Bruce Marriott”.


Specialist Advisors


Strategy, Approvals, Infrastructure and Stakeholder Management

David Gwyther is an experienced senior executive with extensive experience across the government, not for profit and private sectors.  Over 32 years with Defence and 8 years in the oil and gas industry with INPEX on the USD$42B Ichthys Project has resulted in the development of a diverse set of highly developed skills across safety, leadership, strategic relationship management, road, marine and aviation operations, strategy, land acquisition, environmental offsets, infrastructure investment, project management, interface management and government approvals.  A skilled negotiator, David provides advice on strategy, land acquisition, Government approvals and agreements, NT stakeholder interface management and Government financing to GVE.

Commercial and Finance

Mark Hanna is an experienced, senior commercial and marketing executive with an impressive CV and over 20 years experience in the LNG sector.  He worked at Arthur Andersen in their financial and strategy consulting division and then went on to work with Woodside Energy Limited where he finished his time at the Vice President level.   Mark has also been involved as owner and founder in successful starts-ups in the oil and gas services sectors.  Mark provides GVE with business, planning, strategic and commercial advice; particularly regarding company start up, gas purchasing, sales, EPC contracts and financing.


LNG Transport and Engineering

John Cook is a professional engineer with over 35 years experience in power generation and energy. Throughout his corporate and consulting career, John has worked on the design, construction and operation of small-scale LNG facilities , including transport, storage and vaporisation of LNG and has designed power stations up to 50MW capacity. He is also well versed in tender preparation and project costing.  He has worked with clients such as BHP, GHD, Curtin University, EDL/enGen, Horizon Power, Wesfarmers, Western Power and Woodside.   John provides advice on LNG road tanker, LNG storage facilities, power generation and plant commissioning to GVE.

Environmental Management and Approvals

Greg Oliver is an environmental professional with over 20 years specialist involvement in the oil and gas industry. During 11 years as the Environmental Manager for INPEX’s Ichthys Project, he was responsible for environmental approvals and management including planning, staffing and budgeting, obtaining EIS and secondary environmental approvals, developing an oil spill response capability, developing and implementing environmental monitoring and offset programs, demonstrating compliance with International Financial Corporation (IFC) funding obligations, engaging regulators and developing environmental components of the HSE management system.  Greg provides specialist environmental approvals and management advice to GVE.


Energy News

Kittyhawk LNG NOI Assessment Complete – Another Big Step Forward

December 20, 2019

Gold Valley Energy (GVE) is pleased to announce that a Notice of Intent for the Kittyhawk LNG (KLNG) Project has been considered by the NT EPA with a decision made that further assessment is not required.

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Gold Valley Energy signs MOU with ENN Ecological – More substantial progress on KLNG

October 31, 2019

Gold Valley Energy is pleased to announce that a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with ENN Ecological Holdings Co. Ltd (600803.SH) for a major investment in Gold Valley Energy’s Kittyhawk Micro LNG Project.

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Gold Valley Generates Interest at LNG 19

April 4, 2019

Managing Director Bruce Marriott and Chairman and majority shareholder Yuzheng Xie have just returned from the world’s largest LNG conference, LNG 19 in Shanghai

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GVE Appoints Beijing based LNG Development Manager

February 28, 2019

GVE is pleased to announce he appointment of a Beijing based LNG Development Manager to advise on LNG fabrication

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GVE Appoints Environmental Consultant

January 20, 2019

GVE is pleased to announce the appointment of EnvironServices O&G and principal Mr Greg Oliver

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Site Selection Studies Complete

January 19, 2019

GVE is pleased to announce that a site selection study has been completed. GVE has selected the Greater Darwin Area for the establishment of its micro LNG project.

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Gold Valley Energy Signs Foundation Customer

October 3, 2018

Gold Valley Energy is pleased to announce the execution of a binding Memorandum of Understanding with a foundation LNG customer.

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Studies Prove LNG Trucking Concepts

September 30, 2018

GVE has received a trucking proof of concept report from its specialist trucking consultant.

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Gold Valley Energy Appoints Key Consultancy Advisors

September 12, 2018

Gold Valley Energy is pleased to announce the appointment of two key advisors.

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Gold Valley Energy Genesis

September 1, 2018

Gold Valley group is excited to announce the establishment of Gold Valley Energy Pty Ltd

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