Gold Valley West Perth Office
Gold Valley West Perth Office

Gold Valley companies are a multi-sector conglomerate consisting of interests in mining, agriculture (vineyards) and energy.  Based in Perth, Gold Valley companies are supported by an experienced executive team and is chaired by Mr Yuzheng Xie. No matter what sector and which project, GV’s activities are always undertaken with the safety, environment and social “5 Pillars” to ensure the best possible outcome for the environment, stakeholders and the community.

Yuzheng Xie

Yuzheng Xie was born in China and educated in Singapore and China.

Over 20 years ago Yuzheng Xie migrated to Australia and has made Perth his home alongside his Canadian wife and Australian-born children.

Yuzheng speaks of Western Australia as being a ‘Gold Valley’ where all dreams are possible. Hence the prodigious use the term in his company names.

He began trading minerals from India to China from his Perth base after realising that the industrial rise of China would far exceed everyone’s expectations.

His vision has borne fruit as his many business interests in minerals, energy and agriculture have rapidly grown, all while he was taking up Australian citizenship and bringing up his family in Perth.

It’s not only Yuzheng’s family who are doing well, but also the many hundreds of his employees (direct and in-direct) who are supporting their families and living the dream in WA.

With an eye for good assets, his businesses continue to grow despite the ups and downs of the stock market.

Yuzheng takes the view that even though countercyclical acquisition of assets can often provide great value, it is also prudent to buy assets, if they are properly valued, while the market is in growth.

In Yuzheng’s words, Western Australia and indeed the whole country is a valley of gold.

“The most important thing is to surround yourself with good people, passionate and trusted people, and then let them get on with business – Yuzheng Xie”.