The Gold Valley Group is a multi-sector conglomerate consisting of interests in mining, agriculture (vineyards) and energy.  Based in Perth, Gold Valley is supported by an experienced executive team and is chaired by Mr Yuzheng Xie. No matter what sector and which project, GVG’s activities are always undertaken with the Group’s safety, environment and social “5 Pillars” to ensure the best possible outcome for the environment, stakeholders and the community.


Yuzheng Xie is a passionate businessman and deal maker who started his own wholesale import business in Singapore in 2000.  With an eye for detail and opportunity he began trading metals from India into China in 2003. From this humble beginning Yuzheng has grown Gold Valley into a successful, small cap conglomerate through energy, drive and foresight creating opportunities and managing risk. Yuzheng is educated in China and Singapore.  He values the people around him and the relationships of trust he has formed.

“The most important thing is to surround yourself with good people, passionate and trusted people, and then let them get on with business – Yuzheng Xie”.