Iron Ore Mining

East Kimberly Iron Joint Venture

In June 2020 the East Kimberly Iron Ore Joint Venture was formed between Habrok Mining and Ridges Iron Ore Ltd.

The joint venture holds a mining rights agreement for the Ridges and Matsu deposits, with the tenement owner KMG.

Responsibilities under the Joint Venture are as follows:

  • Habrok – responsible for Matsu project development,
  • Ridges Iron Ore - undertakes marketing and logistics
  • Indus Mining – pit-to-port mining services contractor managing the mining, crushing and trucking operations completes all pit to port activities and Ridges

Habrok Mining and its sister company Indus Mining are both owned and led by Remagen Capital, which is part of the business model as mining services contractors with the ability to directly invest and fund the project.

Ridges Iron Ore Ltd is part of the Gold Valley Group

East Kim Iron JV