The Gold Valley Energy (GVE) business was founded in 2018 to investigate energy solutions for Gold Valley Holdings. GVE’s goal is to provide energy solutions to Gold Valley Holdings and other remote energy users using Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), solar and batteries as sources of energy  of low carbon, cheaper energy.

GVE has developed the Kittyhawk LNG Project (KLNG) to the point of a Development Application having completed a Notice of Intent assessment, a significant amount of engineering, identified a site, established public utility connection requirements, commenced marketing and business case development.

The value proposition of KLNG is by liquifying pipeline gas and displacing diesel, remote customers will reduce their energy costs by up to 30% and significantly reduce their greenhouse emissions thereby energising Northern Territory’s industry on a path to a lower carbon future.  KLNG will also value add to an Australian product (gas) and displace an imported product (diesel) improving the balance of trade.


Unfortunately, the Kittyhawk LNG Project has been suspended and Gold Valley Energy has temporarily ceased trading with effect 28 February 2020.

Gold Valley Energy is seeking expressions of interest from potential investors who may wish to take this exciting project forward.

For all enquiries please contact us here.