Kittyhawk LNG NOI Assessment Complete – Another Big Step Forward

Gold Valley Energy (GVE) is pleased to announce that a Notice of Intent for the Kittyhawk LNG (KLNG) Project has been considered by the NT EPA with a decision made that further assessment is not required.  Please see: .  This is another big step forward for GVE toward a KLNG FID in 2020.  KLNG is intended to be constructed in the Middle Arm industrial area on the outskirts of Darwin.  Displacing diesel with LNG, a clean transition fuel, will generate cheaper and cleaner energy at stable prices for remote energy users.  KLNG will also create long term jobs, add value to Australian gas and displace about 2.1 billion litres of diesel imports over the Project’s life benefitting Territorians and all Australians.   Gold Valley Energy thanks the hard working staff at the NT EPA, DENR and contributing agencies for completing the NOI assessment.