Mine Management Plan Approved – Exploration Drilling at Yarram Iron Underway

Yarram Iron Pty Limited, as part of Gold Valley Holdings, is pleased to have received approval of a Mine Management Plan (MMP) for exploration drilling at the Yarram Iron Ore Project at 2030 White Road, Rum Jungle about 10km North East of Batchelor and 100kms from Darwin.  The drilling program includes groundwater monitoring bores and exploration drill holes for collecting samples for geochemical and geotechnical assessment.  You can see the Yarram Iron Mine Management Plan here.

Yuzheng Xie Managing Director of Yarram Iron said, “The data acquired is important for Yarram Iron and will be used to assess our environment impact and develop our environment management for safely managing and minimising environment impact on the NT water resources. The approval of the MMP is an important step in developing the Yarram Iron Ore project. We would like to thank our environmental consultant SLR  for their diligence in helping us prepare this MMP“