Iron Ore Mining

Ridges Project

Project Overview

The resource is located along the top of a ridge over an area approximately 200m wide x 3km long. The iron ore outcrops at surface and the ore body thickness varies from 3-15m deep. The project had a confirmed mine life of four years based on a production rate of 1.5 Mt per annum of high-grade direct shipping ore (DSO),

  • Production rate is approximately 160,000 tonnes of saleable low-grade ore a month.
  • Ore is mined at the Ridges mine site, crushed and screened and then trucked to the BLF (Barge loading facility).
  • Road trains transport the ore to the barge loading facility (BLF) at the Port of Wyndham
  • Ore is loaded via conveyor on land at the BLF to barges which take ~5,000 of ore (therefore an average shipment of 55k tonnes of ore required 10 to 11 barge loads).
  • The barges are taken by tugboats from the BLF to the vessel which is only ~ 2km from the BLF anchored in the deepest section of the channel and then tethered to the ship.
  • The ore from the barges is loaded to the ship using grabs from cranes located on the vessel.

A cargo of 55,000 tonnes per shipment leaves the Port of Wyndham every 10 days

Ridges Project Layout

Ridges Iron Ore Layout 1.png
Ridges Iron Ore Layout 2

Mining Opeations

matsu 2
Ridges Iron Operation 3

Crushing Opeations

crushing 1
crushing 2

Trucking Operations

trucking 1
trucking 2

Ship Loading Operations

Barge Loading Facility
Barge Loading Facility
Barge Loading Facility
Barge Loading Facility
Tugs transporting Barges to Vessel
Tugs transporting Barges to Vessel
Ship being loaded from Barges
Ship being loaded from Barges
Ridges ship