Safety, Environment & Community

Gold Valley has developed the following five objectives or ‘pillars’ to be reflected in project execution and operation strategies.

Respect and Safeguard People

All people involved with Gold Valley are treated with respect and protected from harm.  Safety is central to everything we do and risk is always managed to ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable).


By the very nature of the projects Gold Valley will undertake, minimisation of natural resource use and efficiency is paramount in execution and operation of Gold Valley projects

Protect the Environment

Gold Valley will always work to minimise environmental harm to ALARP.  Gold Valley will always be able to demonstrate that the environmental impact of at Gold Valley projects complies with applicable Australian Laws regulations.

Stakeholder Engagement

We identify and proactively engage with Stakeholders to ensure project and business impacts are identified and managed.  We will find compromises and do our best to work with stakeholders as an integral part of our business.


Where practicable, enhance the opportunities for the local community, and in particular aboriginal people, to participate in Gold Valley projects. In addition to offering employment, Gold Valley aims to indirectly enable the establishment of down and upstream mining, manufacturing and service industries.

These pillars drive the commercial, social and environment decisions that we make.

This ensures that Gold Valley maintains its’ Social License to Operate, its’ reputation as a rewarding place to work and at great partner to work with.